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Field Service

Annual Service Contract
  • Fix before failure.
  • Trained service engineers.
  • Priority on service.
  • Monthly update on machine health to owner.
  • ASC customers will have monthly schemes on spares.
  • Labour inside workshop will be treated as ASC visit and 5% Discount on welding charges.
  • Machine history on DBMS and resale value.
  • Yearly Budget of labour charge of machine is Rs.30000 minimum and our rates are Rs. 16000 only.
  • Minimum benefit of AMC customer per year is spares 5% (average), labour (full amount – Rs. 30000) and 5% discount on workshop charges is – Rs.35000
  • More over your machine is under SJB JCB care.
Service On Wheels
Primitive Maintenance Contract

Workshop Service

Facilities available
  • Machine health checkup
  • Total Machine overhauling
  • JCB Engine overhauling
  • JCB Transmission & Axle overhauling
  • Water wash and Greasing facility
  • Mig Welding & ARC welding facility
  • Painting facility